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Always send a positive message

15-10-2013 · Xavi Mendez

Preparing a sporting event often involves a lot of effort.

When my clients, friends and colleagues tell me how they organise their training schedule, there are always two verbs that constantly pop-up in the conversation. I thought it was an interesting fact, therefore I decided to write this post.

The words we use to express ourselves and communicate with others are a sign of how we develop our ideas and actions manifest themselves..

Some time ago I decided to change the way I expressed myself. I cannot change the meaning of words but I can change how I construct the sentences I use.

I try to practice a bit every day. I try to think positively because it helps me to get closer to my goals.

I define them and I focus on them.Brain and exercise

I know it is a truism but when I go for a run, if I only think about running, it is unlikely my mind will think about stopping at all. However, when I am running, if I think “I do not have to stop”, the word “not” influences my training and the final outcome of my training.

Try this: tell someone not to think about a glass of water. Now it is likely that even you are thinking about a glass of water. The word “not” will influence your final action.

This example shows the power of words; they can move us away from achieving our goals or they can help us getting closer to them.

The two verbs that kept popping-up in my conversations with friends, familiy and colleagues were: to steal and to take. These verbs were mainly used to describe how they tried to find time to train.

Have you heard this before?

“I have stolen time from my hours of sleep; “I have stolen time away from my family”. “I have taken time from my tight schedule”… We tend to start training using negative sentences.

One of the meanings of the verb “to steal” is to take something from someone against their will. And “to take” means to put something or someone out of the place or the situation they were before. We don’t even realise we start training with a law-breaking action. That made me wonder if constructing positive sentences would help me getting closer to what I want to achieve.

I decided to go training without stealing or taking anything from anyone, including myself.

We should replace these verbs with others that will add to our training session. For instance, we could ask ourselves the following questions: Do I want to swap some hours of sleep with hours of training and make up for them later on? (You should specify when).

If your answer is yes, you are making a commitment with yourself and you are also paying attention to your leisure time, an essential part for your recovery. The same formula can be used when referring to your family.

Positive answers bring balance to your training sessions and nobody is going to feel that has been stolen or taken from your company.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

Xavi Méndez
Article published in xmentrainer.es

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