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Be Fit Be Gorgeous

16-07-2013 · Sara Gibbings

Sara at the salonThere is nothing better than a Barcelona summer but the sun,sea , sand and humidity can play havoc with your hair, turning you’re a crowning glory into frizzy birds nest or a greasy mop.

So what can you do? While my own locks were being pampered by David Serrano at the exclusive Peluquería 89.9 we talked about the pressing issue of summer hair care.

For general out and about here are plenty of sun protection products for hair, should you chose to use one.

For the beach, it’s a good idea to slather on hair mask or treatment to hydrate your hair as you bake in the sun. You can also use hats or scarves to cover up and protect your mane.

Blondes (natural or aided) who are planning to spend a lot of time in chlorinated pools should use a lilac tinted shampoo to help counterbalance the chemicals. This is a great tip- when I was 14 I had waist length blonde hair and had to cut half off after it turned bright green thanks to a glorious summer spent in an Italian Countess’ pool.

TrimAlways rinse and wash your hair after swimming in the sea and pool. Use a conditioner or hydrating mask or treatment if your hair is dry. I also find it useful to brush your hair before you wash it and only finger comb it afterwards as I get less breakage.

At the end of the summer you will probably have split ends but don’t worry, a quick trip to your salon will have to looking gorgeous once again!

Peluquería 89.9 is on Carrer Carme 89, local 9. To make an appointment call David on 669392975 or check our Peluquería hairdresser 89.9 on Facebook.


Sara Gibbings

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