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Behind the Scenes Making Of

Production Notes Episode 1

The first episode of a factual entertainment series of this kind is always trickier to produce than subsequent episodes.

For starters, you’re just getting to know the cast; their jobs, their timetables and their personalities.  Stepping in front of the camera for non-professional actors or presenters is often very hard but for Barcelona Fit we struck gold. Each and every one of the trainers, experts and clients are a joy to work with; they’re generous with their time and eager to impart their knowledge and experience.

Some were a bit nervous when we started, others a little quieter than their usual chatty selves, but by the end of the shoot period, all were on top form.  Maybe it’s one of the advantages that come with the self-confidence and experience of age, but both Tom and Micky, really surprised us; they were 100% confident and natural from Day One and have a genuine instinct and talent for being on TV.

We also had to get to know the locations and figure out how best to film the training sessions. We’re not in bad shape but we certainly can’t run and film alongside Fito or Xavi or Inma for long; it would be like buffalo chasing after cheetahs!

Craig and I talked endlessly about the look of the series, the “toys” we would need in the camera department and worked out many of our edit devices before we starting shooting.

We’ve had an excellent relationship with the Barcelona Film Commission for many years but we have availed of their services so much this year already and they have been incredibly helpful with the filming permits.

In the first Episode we also had to shoot the title sequence and to be honest, it was exhausting! Getting up at 05:30 every morning for two weeks in order to film each of them at home before sunrise, then running just as the sun came up, was exhilarating but also freezing cold!

For each episode we have 2-3 weeks pre-production where we chat to the trainers, experts and clients and figure out all the interesting things they’re up to and how that fits into what we need for the show.  Scheduling the shoots for Barcelona Fit is like a game of Tetris, but we always get there in the end.

The shooting block per episode is about 2-3 weeks, depending on major events like Marathons  or holidays like Easter. We try to keep crew to a minimum, not just because it’s more economic, but because we don’t want the production to interfere with the training sessions any more than is absolutely necessary.

Post-production for the first Episode has taken longer too, mainly because we had to edit the titles and promos for the show, create and integrate the graphics with Curry Sauce, work with Alex Warner, our composer, on the music, and create a brand new show structure with additional content (video and written) for the web.

Now as we’re finishing editing the video and writing content for the web, we’re also gearing up for EP2. It’s pretty hectic; we might just need personal trainers ourselves to make it to the end of the year!