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Clara Valera

Clara Valera

Khardashian (My friends call me this as I turn up all the parties and events, just like the Khardashians!) Age 29

Offically in Esplugues de Llobregat, but I was just there for the few days my mum was in hospital after giving birth. I’ve always lived in Barcelona. I’m from and I feel from Sants. Relationship Married to Marc, my happy locksmith, for the last six years; but officially since October 5th 2012

I’m unemployed. I’m looking for work.

Degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Barcelona. Masters in Geographical Information Systems from UPC Foundation

The best part Of my job
The best part of my previous jobs has been my colleagues. I learned a lot about people and things.

The worst part Of my job
The worst part of my former jobs was the stress; imposed and self-imposed. A lot of hours in a chair. A lot of hours without natural light.

Being fit means
It’s a constant challenge. A year and a half ago it meant being able to go up a flight of stairs without getting out of breath, or being able to carry a bag of shopping. Today it means feeling happy after my training sessions, being able to do a 90 minute yoga class, finish a race, tired but happy, and to look at myself in the mirror and like my body.

My inspiration
Things that happen to me and people that surround me.

My passions
Crafts, technology, movies, discovering new things everyday, laying on the grass in the sun, my cats.

I hate
Stress, people who don’t enjoy their lives, impositions, shady people, feeling hoodwinked.

My husband’s potato omlette with a hunk of bread with tomato and olive oil.

Bad Habits
Swearing. Addicted to Twitter. Looking for flaws in photos (I always see something in the background that spoils an otherwise great shot). Being too hard on myself.

The Yellow World, as it marked my life before, during and after the cancer.

I love gangster flicks, especially classics like The Godfather.

When it comes to music I’m fickle. I prefer bands to solo artists. I love the rush of “Mr Brightside” by The Killers, and “Alone in Kyoto” by Air to chill out.

My dream
To be happy, a bit more every day. To wake up and feel good. To keep growing. To do things I believe in .To be a mother.

A Secret
When I was diagnosed with cancer I got a tattoo (my parents are just finding out about it now!)

The most Important thing In life
Health. Happiness.

Goals for 2013
To be strong enough to do what I want NOT what I should. To weigh 50kg (muscle not fat). To improve my balance. To to vrksasana and virabhadrasana III. To improve my diet. To feel like young girl again.



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