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Crêpes with mushrooms, onion and melted cheese

Recipe by Cristina Joanpere

I love crêpes since I was a child and my older sister began to cook them the Saturdays or Sundays that she woke up inspired. I like the sweet ones and the salad ones. And that is one of the advantages of cooking crêpes, that you get a meal and a desert at once! For today’s post I have prepared crêpes with mushrooms, onion and melted cheese but the truth is that once you have prepared the batter for the crêpes, what you put inside is completely up to you ;-)

Mushrooms crêpes Mushroom crêpes

Preparation time for the crêpes batter: 10 minutes
Cooking time for the filling: 35 minutes
Makes 6 to 8 crêpes

For the Filling
1 onion
300 gr of mushrooms
Cheese to melt (as much as you want)

For the batter
4 eggs
½ glass of milk
1 and ½ soup spoon of sugar
1 soup spoon of butter
1 and ½ glass of flour

Preparation for the filling

Wash and chopped the mushrooms into small pieces and put them to cook at low heat in a pan with olive oil for 20 minutes. You will see them reducing their size, it is normal.
While the mushrooms are being cooked, grab another pan with olive oil to cook the onion. Chopped it also in small pieces and cooked it for 10-15 minutes at medium heat or until you see the onion is begining to brown.
Once the onion is done, put it in the same pan as the mushroom, shut down the heat and put the cheese (as much as you like) to melt on it.

Preparation for the crêpes’ batter

Beat the 4 eggs in a big bowl.
Put 1 soup spoon of butter inside a cup to melt in the microwave and mix it with the eggs in the bowl.
Then, add 1 and ½ soup spoon of sugar and keep mixing it all with the spoon.
Finally, add the ½ glass of milk and the 1 and ½ glass of flour and beat it all with the mixer. The batter has to be not so liquid not so dense, so you may have to add some milk or some flour in order to get the right texture.
Preheat the pan and paint it slightly with butter. With medium heat, add around 4 soup spoons of the batter in the middle of the pan and with the spoon expand in order to get a more or less circular shape. The batter is done quickly, turn it and once it is getting brown for both sides, take it out of the pan.

There you have the crêpe ready to be filled with what you like the most!

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