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Cycling in the city

01-08-2013 · Violeta Sugranyes

Violeta and her bikeAs I may have said before I’m not crazy at sport; I have many interests in life but sport has never been one of them! But, I love to cycle. So much so that I don’t actually consider it a sport but more a way of transport and a step closer (at least before I got my beloved driving license) to absolute freedom!

Cycling in Barcelona isn’t easy, it’s not the flattest city in the world or the best prepared for two-wheelers. If you cycle in Barcelona you know that you immediately become a nuisance to people, and you can be shouted at just daring to set foot (or wheel!) on a pavement (sometimes there is just no other way!!)

It has got better over the years though, Bicing forced the Ajuntament to establish many bicycle lanes but there still is work to be done. Some areas have hardly any bicycle lanes and sometimes obeying traffic rules on a bicycle can be very dangerous! (Have you ever cycled down Via Laietana in rush hour?). vio bici

Cycling to work is also not the easiest, especially if your office is up a hill. I recommend you actually bring a second set of clothes and quickly change before you sit down for the day. Also bicycles tend to have little accidents, either the wheels deflate, the chain comes off, the lock is stiff…fixing this when your already late for work is not fun, and entering the office with greasy hands is even worse!

That said, nothing beats getting on your bike after work and feeling the wind on your face as you cycle home. It’s a great transition moment; fresh air wipes away your worries and helps you wind down after a busy day! Plus, it actually keeps you fit…!

Violeta Sugranyes

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