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Fernando Orpinell

Fernando Orpinell

Fer. As a kid my friends used to call me Flaco “Skinny” (I did tons of exercise and ate a lot but never managed to put on weight).


In Rosario, Argentina. I’ve lived in Barcelona for 10 years but in 2007 I lived in Miami (US) for a year.

Divorced, but it’s a long, incredible story (I should publish a book about it) that’s still not over. No more details for now.

Personal trainer.

I started to study physical activity as a Fitness Instructor in the Instituto Nacional de Fitness y Gimnasia Aeróbica in Argentina. I kept this up once in Barcelona at the Holmes Place Academy where specialized in personal training, readaptation and different kinds of training. I started studying Pilates at Peak Pilates in Barcelona and Sttot Pilates in Miami. I’ve been training with some of the best Pilate instructors in the world.

The best part of My job
Gratitude from my clients.

Being fit means
To feel physically feel good, able to do any activity that I want. It’s also a “state of mind” but that’s a whole new exercise.

My inspiration
People that I consider “extraordinary”, artists, athletes or people I know.

I’m passionate about
Being curious. Being on the go all the time. You have savour life, and in order to savour you have to learn (so you can choose) and try different things.

I hate
Not anymore. To me it’s about being more or less tolerant with certain things. Let it be.

Favourite food
I’d say a good asado (South American style barbecue) but I quit meat a few months ago… a well-cooked Paella, a delicious Green Tai Curry, grilled fish.

Bad habits
Sometime I speak too much, but I’m working on it.

I’d say La insoportable levedad del ser “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”by Kundera, but there are so many that have fascinated and influenced me. Some of my favorite authors are Cortázar, Borges, Irving Welsh, Capote and Fogwill.

One that comes to mind now is Clint Eastwood’s “Unforgiven”. I really, really liked “Drive”. I like all kinds of cinema.

I love music, all of it I can listen to classics like The Rolling Stones or Bob Marley and then Depeche Mode or U2 or jazz by Miles David or Bill Evans or a tango by Goyeneche or Astor Piazzola or Argentian rock like Charly García, Spinetta or Fito Paez or electronic music (I always go to Sónar in Barcelona) or indie groups (I also go to Primavera Sound).

If I have to choose just one I’d choose el truco, “the trick”, a card game.

A house in Ibiza or Formentera and everything that could come from that.

I was a very good student as I child and when I was studying Catholicism (I considered it a total waste of time) the priests came to my house to tell my parents that I should became a priest…

The most important Thing in life
To live enjoying the company of people I love. Freedom. The happiness of feeling life in a satisfactory way.

My goals for 2013
To improve personal aspects of my personal self. Improve my relationship with certain people. Finish and public my book. To keep on improving and developing my professional carreer. To make more money, help more people, keep myself strong and healthy. To keep on travelling and to be near my people, they are marvelous people.



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