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Fito Florensa

Fito Florensa




I’ve lived with my girlfriend, Natalia, for 5 years. She’s from Vimbodí I Poblet, a gorgeous village with just 1000 inhabitants. She is enthusiasm personified. She works as a legal secretary. She loves to study and I love hearing about everything she’s learned and her take on things. She has a Diploma in Social Work and a Degree in Labour Sciences, and is currently studying law to become a lawyer.

Freelance personal trainer. Trainer for VIP Xtrem 2013. Contributor to Men’s Health Spain.

Degree in Physical Education and Sport at Ramón Llull University.
Adjunct TrainerBeing fitmeans for the Catalan Boxing Federation
Trained in new physical fitness tendencies such as unstable platforms, TRX, YBT, Level 1 Hypopressive Method (RSF), Kettlebells, etc…

The best partof my job
Improving people’s lives with physical exercise, helping my clients to achieve their sporting goals and growing alongside them; the fantastic trainer-trainee bond that grows through these objectives. I love meeting interesting people, and growing through involvement in a multi-disciplinary team; discussing and solving complicated cases; being able to give something back to society- health and happiness. I don’t have a boss. I don’t know what tomorrow holds so I have to grow, grow, grow. I love it! I enjoy keeping my eye on the big picture while focusing on every detail of my career.

The worst partof my job
Going through the economic hardships to become a personal trainer. You have to really know what you want during the tough times. But it’s worth it. A PT does a lot of preparation work but only gets paid for the hourly sessions.
We should be capable of a certain level of physical resistance, strength, flexibility, jump, run, through, creep, balance, trap and turn. When you can meet these requirements, at the level of intensity appropriate for your age, you can consider yourself fit. I’m leaving out anything to do with speed, as that is not so relevant for health.

What inspiresme
Everything I’ve gone through, from trail bikes when I was 5 years old, until today. Literature (The Alchemist, The Art of War, The Sociology of Sport, Why we are the way we are? Travelling. A beautiful view full of vegetation and the smell of nature (earth, plants, clean air).

I’m passionateabout
Amost everything. Human beings. People with interesting stories. People who have done things with their lives. Motivated people. My family. My girlfriend. My few, good friends. Simplicity. Humility. My work. Work well done. Leading by example. I fell in love with the Seychelles, Turkey, New York, London, Montseny and Vimbodí I Poblet.

I hate
I try never to hate. I hate hating and people who are hateful. I hate it when my wonderful girlfriend tries to get me to do a salsa dancing course with her!

All food, organic if possible, simply cooked.

Bad habits
As organized as I am at work, I’m not at home. When I get home from work I sometimes leave my gym clothes in the dining room, and Natalia gets mad at me!

The list includes Why we are the way we are by Eduard Punset, The Alchemist by Paolo Cohelo, The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Born to Run by Mc Dougall.

Katie Melhua, Kenny G, Scorpions, the soundtrack to The Mission by Ennio Morricone.

Playing Scattegories with Natalia, drawing games and that’s it. I don’t have that much time these days. I’d like to paint but don’t have a clue. When I was little I played the organ, I’d like to do it again.

My dream
To work hard and establish a multi-disciplinary investigative research project with a university; to perfect my method to give something back to society.

A Secret
If I tell you, it won’t be a secret!

The mostimportant thingin my life
To be with my family and friends. To maintain a balance between the physical, mental and social. Enthusiasm and passion.

Goals for 2013
On a personal level, to spend more time with my girlfriend, family and friends. On a professional level, to launch my sporting holidays project, as well as a team building programme for companies that I’ve been working on for the last two and a half years. To finally finish my webpage with the help of Globally. To do the 2013 Challenge for Men’s Health Spain, to write up my method with an inter-disciplinary group. To put in my two cents in a Sports Medicine Facility that is currently under construction.




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