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Inma García

Inma Garcia



In Teruel, (it might seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it exists!). I’ve been in Barcelona since I was 4 years old but I’m only actually back in the city recently because I’ve been living in different cities during my professional athlete career.


Personal trainer and sport’s manager.

Masters in Sports Management, Degree in Sports and Physical Activity Science and Postgraduate in Personal Training. The best part Of my job Getting people in shape and “spreading” the passion for sport.

The worst part Of my job
Having to train people that don’t want to (because they are tired, don’t feel like it, etc.)

Being fit means
To be able run half a marathon having done no extra training and then spending the next day happily playing volleyball on the beach and when the sun sets relaxing with my friends at the beach bar, all this without feeling tired at all!

My inspiration

I’m passionate About
All kinds of sport; waking up with a smile; positive and happy people; dancing like a fool (because I don’t know how to dance any differently), my family, my friends, and travelling with my best friend.

I hate
Lies, dictators, seeing people cry, people that don’t respect others, and I get very irritated when people splash me when I’m trying to swim!


Favourite food
Like everyone I suppose, my mum’s food is the best! Potato omelet, paella, croquettes, soups, anything she cooks basically.

Bad habits
Picking on food while cooking; a lack of patience (but I’m getting better)and falling asleep when I see a film.

“No Word from Gurb” by Eduardo Mendoza, I love Mendoza’s humor.

I like lots of different types but the ones I prefer are those that make you laugh so you can unwind and forget about day to day life. Intocable became my new number one film as soon as I saw it.

I really like Brazilian Music (Gilberto Gil, Caetano Veloso…) and I like Macaco, the Spanish singer, but I thought he was better when he started, not so mainstream. To be honest though, I like all kind of music.

Being able to travel to all the different places I plan to; to buy myself a house (a priority) with a garden where I can plant a lemon tree (yes, I know, sounds weird, but I’ve always liked that tree).

A Secret
It’s actually a secret for me too. I’d like to know where to find the picture my dentist took of my teeth before I had braces…I was so worried that someone would see the picture I hid it and I’ve never been able to find it again.

The most important Thing in my life
Smiling, being with people that make you happy and make you feel better, my family and doing what I most enjoy.

Goals of 2013
To overcome all new challenges at my new job and to run a marathon.


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