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Juliana Rueda

Juliana Rueda



Bogotá-Colombia, I’ve been living in Barcelona since 2003.

Married to Maiol Rodriguez, I had to wait for 9 long years for him to propose J

Sound engineer at Miut, my own company, established in August 2010.

I’m a music teacher specialized in sound engineering, I’ve also got 2 Masters in sound for cinema, TV and advertising.

The best part Of my job
The amount of things you can create with sound, there’s always something new to be learnt, it’s entertaining and diverse, you never get bored!

The worst part Of my job
Having to deal with difficult people from time to time.

Being fit means
To feel good, nothing hurts, you feel lightweight, happy, good in your clothes, confident when you look in the mirror.

My inspiration

I’m passionate About
My job, cinema, nature, singing and dancing.

I hate
People that break the rules, people who are lazy, unprofessional, thieves and liars, politicians, multinational companies, unfairness and chaos.

Favourite food

Bad habits
I eat lots of sweet things, and not just any kind, I prefer them as radioactive as can be! I salivate every time I walk by a sweet shop; I know it’s junk food, it’s like injecting rubbish straight in you but I loooooooooove them!

La palabra más hermosa.

“Pride and Prejudice”. But I like loads, I love drama films and crying while watching films, Maiol will never understand how I enjoy suffering in the cinema.

I love 80s music but whichever songs that are happy and will cheer me up can become my favourite.

Favorite game
I like all board games but I’m a terrible looser… my favourites are Risk, Tabú and one called The Life Game. Dream To be able to have this job forever, for my family to be closer and to be healthy and happy forever.

A Secret
I lit a candle for Saint Antonio in Barcelona’s cathedral 9 years ago praying for Maiol marry me one day hahahahahahahahaha

The most important Thing in life
My family and our values.

Goals of 2013
Health wise I want to improve my cardio strength, I can’t even run for the bus without getting out of breath! Overall I want to be positive and avoid the negative vibes going around lately, always expect the best!!



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