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Marinated Colombian Christmas Turkey

Recipe by Mariela Gutiérrez

Pavo - Turkey Marinated Colombian Christmas Turkey

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 4 hours

1 turkey
4 beers
2 cans of coke
Bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Fruit-infused vinegar
Grated Panela (Colombian sugar cane, it can be replaced by sugar or brown sugar)

Marinate the turkey two days before cooking it.

To prepare the sauce: crush the garlic, and mix it in a bowl with the bay leaves, the oregano, the thyme and add salt and pepper to taste. To blend all the ingredients use some fruit-infused vinegar.

Before spreading the mix all over the turkey, prick it with a knife to help the sauce to penetrate better into the flesh.

Place it in a baking greased tray and add a beer and half a coke.

Cover it with foil and place it on the fridge to marinate for 2 days.

To bake it, put it in the oven, still covered in foil, at medium temperature. Keep checking it doesn’t go dry. When the beer and the coke juices evaporate, add 2 parts of beer per 1 of coke, as many times as necessary.

When the turkey is cooked, remove the foil and butter it all over. Add the grated panela (or brown sugar) and grill it until golden.

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