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Miguel Fabón Resina

Miguelón,  Fabis,  Fabs. When I was a child I was known as Titus in my neighbourhood, but that was long time ago!



Single, no children.

I teach auto mechanics at a vocational training school.

  Naval technical engineer, specialised in propulsion and boat Services

The best part of my job
  Teaching; time flies when I am teaching. Helping others to grow and to become better people. There is no money involved (the students are my pupils, not my customers). Working with people and having loads of holidays.

The worst part of my job
The amount of bureaucracy that has to be filled in and that I have to always be at 100% when teaching, whatever happens.

Being fit means
 Feeling good about yourself, being energetic and knowing your body does what you want it to do, without limits.

My inspiration
I get inspiration especially from what I read.

I’m passionate About
 An interesting conversation, strolling, the beach, music, culture in general, learning,…

I hate
I think hating is a waste of time and energy, but I dislike a lot of things.

Favourite food
I like almost everything!! It’d be quicker if I told you what I don’t like

Bad habits
Leaving books half way through, I am addicted to coca cola light, being late… The worst ones being disorganised and leaving everything last minute. But I am doing my best to change and I have improved considerably.

 Plenty… Almost everything I read are essays, but some of the books that I loved the most and made the most impact on me. The Picture of Dorian Gray (O. Wilde), The Dance of Reality (A. Jodorowsky), The Unbearable lightness of being (M. Kundera), Memories of My Melancholy Whores (G. García Marquez), etc.

 I usually watch cinema d’auteur, I like films directors like Éric Rohmer, Adolfo Aristarain…

Silvio Rodríguez, Leonard Cohen, Jethro Tull, Frank Sinatra, Paco Ibáñez, Russian Red, Herman Dune, Franz Ferdinand, La Pegatina, Macaco, Zaz, Classical music, Opera, salsa… Everything but rap, hip hop and Reageton.

  I don’t like games.

Achieving all my objectives.      

A Secret
To be honest I don’t have many secrets, and the few ones I have, are going to be kept secret.

The most important Thing in my life
Health, my family, my friends, tranquility.

Goals of 2013
Most of them refer to being fit I’d like to lose weight, run a race, improve my agility, coordination and strength.


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