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Mireia Quijada

Mireia Quijada



In Barcelona

Single but getting to know someone very special J

I’m a Dietician/Nutritionist my specialty being nutrition for athletes, overweight and obese people. I also teach nutrition.

A diploma in Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Postgraduate in Physical activity and illness new therapeutical model, and level 1ISAK in anthropometry.

The best part of My job
When you see how much your work can help improve people’s lives, how they manage to sacrifice old habits and all the good things they get out of being healthy.

The worst part of My job
When I’m stuck and don’t know how to guide someone that’s not getting what he/she wants and fraudulent activities in the industry.

Being fit means
To feel fulfilled and relaxed, it’s a contentment feeling that disappears when I haven’t been doing exercise for a few days.

My inspiration
My partner, friends, dancing and music.

I’m passionate about
Dancing, watching the sun set, the waves as I walk on the beach, doing all kinds of activities (I think I’m hyperactive!) from beach volleyball to running, mountain climbing, racket playing at the beach…watching movies, listening to music, reading, eating and sleeping!! And above all doing all this with the BEST company my partner, friends and family.

I hate
Hypocrisy, hypocritical people, liars and negativity.

Favorite food
There’s so much that I love!! I’m a big fan of pizzas, bread, meat and potatoes, sweet food and I also love salads and peppers.

Bad habits
My room is chaos during the week; I’m always in a hurry so I never leave anything in its place.

It’s not a book but a short story that I loved Dónde está mi queso? “Where’s my cheese?”

I love dramas, funny and action films. I like all kinds of cinema but, no doubt, one of my favorite directors is Tarantino.

I can’t stop listening to Salsa and Bachata (Prince Royale).

I play Monopoly and card games.

To know exactly where I want to take my professional career and to have a family.

I don’t have any secrets.

The most important Thing in life
My family and my friends.

Goals for 2013
I must stop biting my nails; I want to win an amateur beach volleyball championship, organize my time in a better way and manage to do everything I’m doing with stressing out.



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