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My First Race – Race Day – Part 2

01-10-2013 · Miguel Fabón

Urban runningThe day of the race I was already tired when I woke up because of insomnia. I was tempted to have a lie-in. So early! On a Sunday! And I was worried about the race.

A couple of years ago, I would have stayed in bed, but not now. I couldn’t let myself down. No more excuses. A year and a half ago I decided to take action and stop complaining.

Without even realising I was at the start line, nervous and I wasn’t even sure what I was doing there, but I was there.

I was relieved to see that there were people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I expected to see people with an athletic build, but there were all kinds of people; men with bellies and women with saddlebags.

There was a special atmosphere, I could feel enthusiasm and tension around, fellowship and competition . I had the feeling that everyone was going to give the best of themselves.

I was looking around getting into the atmosphere and suddenly it was time to start the race. Everyone was ready but I hid at the back, I didn’t want to bother anyone and I wasn’t even sure if that was my place.

The starting pistol went off and the crowd started moving. People were holding back, avoiding crashes and respecting everyone. And finally! Two minutes after the starting pistol, I started moving.

I started running very cautiously at first, but I felt very comfortable and to my surprise I even started overtaking people. Something totally unexpected and involuntary but I did start to think that maybe I was not that out of place.

I got to km 2 at a conservative pace. I was calmer and the initial shock had passed and I was running. It was only me, myself and my music. I didn’t care what was happening around me. I relaxed and enjoyed it.

I looked at the heart rate monitor and the beats were low and the pace comfortable, 6:30 min per km. I decided to increase up to 6:00 min/km, a rate which was still prudent but not far from my dream of finishing the race under an hour.

I kept running and the more I relaxed, the more I enjoyed.

When I reached km 4 I was feeling very well. I was happy and relaxed. I decided to increase the pace a bit more but keeping in mine I still had a long way to go. By km 6, I was having a blast and euphoria took over me when I got to km 9. I couldn’t believe it was almost over.

Only 1 km left. That was going to feel even too short. I wanted to enjoy the remaining meters; I sprinted to the finish line. My heart rate was very high but I didn’t feel tired.

Urban runningI had done it! Not only I had finished the race but also it had been great fun. All the previous silly worries I had, had faded and I had had a great time. It had been fantastic.  I was very happy with my race time, 55min 44seg.

It may not a very good time but for me it tasted so sweet. I had overcome my fears and I had won. It is hard to explain with words all the emotion I felt. Happiness, satisfaction, euphoria, pride. Pride because this was the result of long time sacrifices and hard work.

On September the 8th I run my first race, but it will not be the last one.  I have already registered to three more and I have ambitious goals for next January.

What really makes me happy is that no matter if I reach my goals or not, I will enjoy preparing for them, I will enjoy the process. It’s wonderful when you focus on an objective and you can enjoy the journey from the first step.

Sport has come into my life to stay. I never want to forget how much I’m enjoying it, the comfort that is bringing me, the fun I am having and how happy I am.

(If would like to know how Miguel felt before the race and got ready for it, read part 1 here)

Miguel Fabón
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