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My First Face – Part 1

17-09-2013 · Miguel Fabón

One of the things I enjoy the most since I’ve lost weight is running. It is a type of sport that I couldn’t do since I was 18. I am thrilled to be running again. Since the first day I have been running, my dream was to take part in a race. At the beginning, I could barely run 5k. It took me 40 minutes and I was exhausted.

After four months training hard, excuses are no longer in my vocabulary. This summer I have been away for a long time; I had no gym but countryside around me, so I focused on running. Without even realising it, my dream was becoming real.

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By the end of summer I decided to for it and I registered to run a 10k race in September. By then I was able to run 10 km comfortably and I was looking forward to it, however it was going to be a challenge. I was a bit scared.

After I came back from holidays, I registered to the race organised in Poblenou during the neighborhood festival.

The day before the race I collected my number. I was a little embarrassed. A fat guy taking the number for the race; pretentious or unconscious? After standing in a line for a while, I headed home with a tacky t-shirt, a number that I wasn’t sure where how to wear it, and a chip. I was wondering how on earth it all worked and how I was going to tie the chip my trainers. It was pretty straight forward but I guess my doubts and hesitations were a projection of my insecurities.

It was a sleepless night, I was nervous. It was a simple amateur race but I was as nervous as when I had taken my public examinations. It was something totally out of my comfort zone; a situation that I had never lived before that had to rely on my body. I’ve always been confident with my mind but never with my body. I was dubious and insecure.

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Will I make a fool of yourself?, Will I be able to finish it? Will I feel ok? Will I be in pain? Will I be the last one? I realised that my worst enemy was my mind.

I started to think that coming from the situation I come from, finishing the race was already an achievement and if I could do it in less than an hour, it would be a great success.

I shouldn’t forget than less than a year and a half ago I could hardly bend over to pick up a pen from the ground. I was embarrassed that my students saw me like that, so I used to ask them to pick it up because my back hurt. We all knew it wasn’t true, I am not proud of that, but that is where I am coming from.

The morning of the race I woke up and I was exhausted because of the insomnia. To be continued…

(if would like to know how Miguel did at the race, don’t miss this blog next week)

Miguel Fabón
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