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Parents and Children: teammates or rivals?

22-10-2013 · Mar Rovira

The bell could be heard all over the school. Groups of energetic kids were coming out like runaway horses. The football field started to fill up at the same speed that children drum on their tablets and they started to organize the teams to play the Champions League. In the background, two dispirited gangly rookies were hiding away in a corner.

-“How was the match, José?”

-“Bah, it was a disaster. We lost against a rubbish team and the coach told me off. I think next week I will benched”.

Father and sonJosé was so down he didn’t tell his friend how he really felt. He felt his parents were pressuring him. They love the sport he plays because it was their only form of escape.

He would like to shout from the rooftops that’s enough, that he wants to be left alone; all he wants to do is playing football.

He bites his sandwich, pensive, and he dreams about walking firmly towards his parents flashing a big placard/sign in his hands reading the following:

Sign 1
Dad: today ‘we are not going to play’. I am the one who plays. ‘I am going to play’ and you are coming to cheer me.

Sign 2
Dad: Have you achieved your dreams? I hope so because football is my dream, not yours.

Sign 3
Dad: if you complain that the match is too early, too far or it clashes with your paddle tennis game, you make me feel guilty. I know how much you do for me and I am grateful for that. Have fun and enjoy like I do.

Sign 4
Dad: I already have a coach. My trainer is really cool even though I get angry with him sometimes. You are my dad and you are really cool… as a father.

Sign 5
Dad: when I lose, I need you to cheer me up and that you feel proud of me instead of bullying me and telling me what I’ve done wrong.

Sign 6
Dad: I do not insult my opponents nor I kick them. Don’t do it yourself either, I feel ashamed of you.

Sign 7
Dad: I like football but you don’t need to spend all day talking about it. Sometimes I like to do other things and that doesn’t mean I am not into it.

Sign 8
Dad: I love you a lot. And you love me too. Shall we help each other?

Mar Rovira
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