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Pedro Fagnani

Pedro Luiz Flores Fagnani



In Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, but I’ve lived in Salvador de Bahia, also Brasil for most of my life. I lived in the state of New York as an exchange student when I was 16 years old and I’ve been living in Barcelona, Spain, for the last 7 years. It was only meant to be 4 years, but…

Married, no kids.

Physiotherapist (Traumatology/Sport) and Osteopath.

Degree in Physiotherapy in Salvador-Bahía, Brazil. Postgraduate in Manual and Posture Therapies, Osteopath diploma from the Osteopathy School in Barcelona (associated with the European School of Osteopathy-England)

The best part of my Job
The satisfaction of being able to help people improve the quality of their life, doing their day to day activities or sport training in their best form.

The worst part of my Job
I’m constantly worried about my patients and how they recover. I try to put myself in their place and this can over consumes me.

Being fit means
Being able to find your balance spots and a general psycho/physical/social well-being. There’s no secret to it, each person has to find their own way to it.

My inspiration
My father and my grandmother. Their advice and wisdom helps me find my own balance in life.

I’m passionate about
My job, my family, my little French bulldog “Bruce” and my good old friends. Brazil, my country, its landscapes and its people.

I hate
I don’t hate anything or anyone, I try not to include it in my language. It’s a very strong word and I think it’s not worth using.

Favorite food
A barbecue with my friends. I also enjoy a good plate of pasta, must be because I’m from Italian descent!!

Bad habits
Being a bit unorganized and not being able to detach from work during my free time.

A Semente da Vitória “Victoria’s Seed”, by Nuno Cobra a Brazilian author.

I like all types of music; the Bossa Nova and classic Brazilian singers are always on my Ipod.

On a professional level working as a physiotherapist with one of my athletes at the Olympic Games.

You shouldn’t tell secrets, but I met my wife at University, I was teaching anatomy classes and as she in a year lower than me, she was my student. That’s where everything started!!

The most important Thing in life
To keep on dreaming and to enjoy life always trying to leer and discover new things.

Goals for 2013
Consolidate my work supporting young athletes. To begin an investigation project and manage to unwind a bit more. Links www.fisiodeportiva.es Twitter @PedroFagnani E-mail pedro_fagnani@hotmail.com Tel (34) 6979 482 62


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