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A Person in Training

22-04-2013 · Fito Florensa

William James, the father of modern psychology, says that, in the end, what we are all searching for, consciously or subconsciously, is to be loved by society; the same love we felt as children with our family.

I don’t have enough time to elaborate here but I think most of us in the Developed World would agree with the sentiment.  It’s simple and basic; in order to receive we must give. In order to give, you must have knowledge and be able to communicate this knowledge.

In my case, I just loved playing football, so I went for it. I had potential and, as I developed my skills, I rapidly rose through the ranks, trying out for Real Madrid and Español’s  junior teams.  But my rise was just as fast as my fall. Maybe I wasn’t ready to be “modern gladiator”. Yes, a gladiator! We haven’t changed that much from Roman Times where corrupt rulers championed “panem et circense”, circus and cheap foot to entertain the masses so they would forget their woes and not demand their rights.  That’s the function footballers fill; they are today’s gladiators. 

Practically everything I am comes from my competitive sporting experiences in football and trail bike when I was a teenager, in addition to the years I did contact sports as a hobby.  I learned valuable lessons which I now use in my work as a personal trainer.

Now I’m on the other side helping amateur and high end athletes, as well as sports enthusiasts with everyday goals. I got a Degree in Physical Activity and Sport to ensure a solid knowledge base. This, in addition to my own athletic career, and the seven years experience I’ve accrued in the job, ensures that I can help my clients meet their goals.

In summary, a personal trainer is someone with relevant studies (it seems silly to say it but they must have knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, anatomy, etc… and NOT a degree in marketing!), who is up to date and who works with a multi-disciplinary teams.

Beware of the so-called personal trainer who claims to fix your knee and design your diet. Endocrinologists, physiotherapists and cardiologists exist for a reason.  And of course, a good trainer should have this vocation and passion in his or her DNA, leading by example, always enthusiastic, positive and eager to help people.

Please see me blog on Men’s Health Spain http://blogs.menshealth.es/maximo-rendimiento/.

For a more in-depth articles about my take on the world of health and fitness.


So what is my life like? Each week is different but here’s just one example:


I usually have 4 personal training sessions, the first one at 07:15 and the last one at 20:00.  If you want to be a personal trainer you can forget about keeping office hours, but the work doesn’t stop here. I have to read scientific articles and share the things I find interesting on my social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Pininterest, Foursqare, Klout, Hootsuite and YouTube. Why so many? Ask Micky Riber (just joking, I owe him!). The rest of the day is spent developing other projects, answering emails, dealing with last minute stuff and training myself. I do 4 or 5 one hour sessions a week and on the weekends I try to do an outdoor activity for up to 3 hours. For example; running, rowing and strength training.


Today I have 7 personal training sessions in FITT with FITT clients, and at the beach, mountains and park with my own clients. I’m freelance so I work with FITT clients as well as my own. Tuesdays are hard; 7 hours of sessions, but I lose more time when I train outdoors, going from location to location. And in the mountains it gets sweaty so I have to go home, shower and change.  So all in all, it’s an 11 hour day, stretched to 18 hours when filled with other tasks. And I only get paid for 7 hours. If you want to be a PT think about it hard!


Three personal training sessions. I leave today for my clients who require longer sessions. Today I make time for meetings with 2 people in the business, to talk about projects, current trends and solutions to problems we’re battling. I try to pick their brains to learn more about things I’m unsure of. At midday I skype one of my best friends living in Korea who works for Barça, as well as my good friend Alberto, a footballer in Cyprus,  and also my little brother (who’s just 23 years old), who has been living and working in London for the past 6 years.

I go to Collserola to train. I’ve been doing this for 12 years. It’s a magical place for me; I reconnect with myself, allow feelings to flow.  Blood, sweat and tears have been shed here, with many people; training, injuries, recovery, walks with my dad, as well as strolls with girlfriends when I was a teenager.

I write up my new post for the Men’s Health Spain blog, and start to plan next month’s paper edition column.


Today I have 5 personal training sessions plus a bunch of errands.  At Men’s Health I talk about the blog, the column and the 2013 Men’s Health Challenge which I’ll do with Guillermo Alvarado, the magazine’s veteran fitness expert). On Thursdays I try to meet  up with some, in  or out of the industry, for lunch. I usually eat lunch at home with Natalia, my girlfriend of five years, but twice a week I meet up with a client, friend or colleague for a quick lunch- a personal trainer is always up against the clock!


Eight personal training sessions and errands. At night, I watch a movie. Or rather, after dinner with Natalia, we fall asleep during the movie.


Some Saturdays I have personal training sessions but I try not to schedule them that often as everyone needs time off to rest and recharge batteries.  On Saturdays I usually train with a friend for the whole morning. No clocks to watch, just having fun.  And after that, a family lunch. In the afternoon I finish my blog post, column and work on other projects, as well as getting up to date with messages about the preparation of ViP Xtrem 2013.

I’ve done the plan and schedule for the participants in this great race in BTT and I want to follow up. I also work on my website, having previously given forwarded information to Globally, one of the leading communications agency in Spain run by my good friend, Micky Ribera.


I get up at 7am. It’s just a habit now and my brain works best at this time of day.  I’m a skylark. My girlfriend likes to sleep late at the weekend so I get my work done before she’s up so she can’t kill me for being at the computer all weekend.  By 11 or 12 o’clock I’m done and I’m all hers until 8pm when I do up my schedule, ready for another week full of personal and professional challenges.

Fito Florensa