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BARCELONA FIT Shooting style

13-03-2013 · Craig Hastings

When we were first looking at style of the documentary and what was needed we realised that a standard camera like a Sony XD-CAM 800 or smaller camera like Sony XE-3 wouldn´t do the job.  We wanted film-like lenses, low light capability and small enough to keep up with would be trainers who jump and run for a living.

The answer was the Canon 5D and recently Canon had released the MKiii which had the ability to shoot in ALL-I (inter-frame); a format that satisfies nearly all channel broadcasters with a 91 megabit-rate.

Our set of Canon lenses make the shoots feel closer to the drama shoot then documentary.  The low f-stop and extremely sharp focus makes for difficult but worthwhile look and a lot of beautiful gvs.

The audio options for any DLSR camera are difficult and we went with a Beachtek box DSLR pro.  It has 2 tracks of equalized sound with the option of phantom power on both.  We normally radio-mic our main character of the day and boom the rest.  We lessened the sensitivity of the radio-mic so if he/she was talking to another person we would capture both sides of the conversation.

Apart from handheld and tripod we realised we need other ways of recording the action and that came in Glidecam 4000 and the Gopro Hero 3 Black.

I had used the Glide-cam before and I knew it would be an affective tool.  The glide-cam is a generation changer with DSLR… without having to pay 1000 euros plus a day for a professional operator we can achieve near steadi-cam like shots with an item that packs inside our tripod bag.  Its also affective for filming from a car/bike and any medium where you would like smooth out the bumps.

The GoPro has been on the scene for more than 5 years now and we knew we would need something for shots that we couldn´t achieve with the 5D mkiii.  With its clever adhesive system it’s a camera you can attach to people/bikes/cars. The Gopro Hero 3 cam with 2.7k/protunes recording ability giving us more options in post production and the icing on the cake is we can control the Gopro through free APP that allows to record/stop, change format and view the shot we are taking without being near the camera.

All in all we have chosen kit that fits into two backpacks and 1 tripod back making us accessable to any situation.  We hope!

Craig Hastings

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