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From the Heart

13-04-2013 · Ferran Pons

In my case, studying medicine and later specializing in cardiology, wasn’t as much a choice as an inevitable consequence of circumstance: my mother is a doctor, my father advised me to become one, and in school they taught me to value science and its role in solving serious problems, among them illness. So really, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Choosing cardiology as my specialty is easier to explain; is there anything more fascinating that the machine that, quite literally, makes us tick?

ferran_pons_003The practice of contemporary cardiology is compartmentalized into sub-specialties. Some cardiologists focus on the electrical system of the heart, some study the vascular system, while for others the allure is the diagnostic imaging which reveals the structure of the heart.  There are cardiologists who specialize in hospital and emergency care, and others who prefer longer term approach of outpatient services.

After weighing up my options in each of these fields I chose, for myriad reasons, the latter: to aide people concerned with their heart health, whether for preventative measures, or to guide them through the process of an established heart condition.

One of the most efficient tools at our disposal to meet these objectives is physical exercise and so I chose to specialize in cardiovascular rehabilitation and sports cardiology.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation consists of prescribing physical exercise to those people who have suffered a heart condition, for example a heart attack or heart valve surgery.  With the help of an interdisciplinary team consisting of a cardiologist, psychologist, nutritionist and personal trainer, we provide personalized programmes for each of our patients ,in the appropriate settings.

A Sports Cardiologist is responsible for overseeing the health of athletes, while helping them achieve their full potential.  By employing an exercise stress test and the services of a group of trained professionals who are passionate about sport, among them Fito Florensa, we can plan personalized, safe, training programmes for each of our clients.

I spend most of my time and energy immersed in these two fields of cardiology. With so much still left to learn,  it’s a labour of love!

Dr. Ferran Pons