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Recipe by Mercè Valldeoriola

I would like to share this recipe with you because it is simple and easy to prepare. I love cooking and learning new recipes to surprise my friends. I got this one from a friend some time and I prepare it on special occasions and celebrations. Try it, it’s delicious!

Fideua Fideuá

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 45 minutes

250 gr. of vermicelli noodles or angel hair pasta (number 0)1 litre of fish stock

4 garlic cloves

12 prawns



In a paella pan, about 17-inch (44cm) diameter, add enough olive oil to coat the bottom and sauté the garlic cloves previously cut in fine slices. When is brown, leave it on a plate.

Stir fry the prawns, the diced cuttlefish and the mussels in the same oil. When they are ready, take them out and leave them on a plate aside.

Add the noodles to the pan, 250 grams serve 4 people. Stir them continuously at low heat until they are done (be patient, they take a while and keep stirring until they are brown to avoid that they stick to the bottom).

When the noodles are brown, add the fish stock and the prawns, the cuttlefish and the mussels. Spread them all over the pan and cook at low heat for a bit longer. They fideuá is ready when the noodles stick out pointing up.

Serve with alioli on the side. To prepare the alioli, mash the garlic and mix with the olive oil and the lemon zest. For a few tips on how to prepare it, check here.

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