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Sara Bonjoch Llaquet

Sara Bonjoch Llaquet

Always wanted one, but never had one that I know of.


Born in Barcelona, but I’ve lived in London for 8 years and also I spent a few months in Manchester as a student.


Production assistant, journalist and translator.

Degrees in History of Art from Universitat de Barcelona and a semester at Manchester University. Media Studies Degree at UOC.

The best part of my job
It is very varied, every day is different, filled with new challenges and continuously learning about different areas. Dynamic, busy and putting things together to see something happening at the end, it is very exciting and rewarding. The teamwork involved.

The worst part

Of my job
Nothing. So far loving every minute of it.

Being fit means
Being healthy, exercising and staying active. The fitter you are the more energy you have.

My inspiration
Learning from creative and experienced people that are surprising.

I’m passionate

I love travelling, reading and art; music, food and photography. I love walking, strolling or running, whilst enjoying the surroundings. I love bridges; I walked more than 200 miles along the two banks of the Thames path, in order to cross all its bridges.

I hate
Lies, malice and envy. Very hot weather.

Favourite food
Paella, salads with fruit and Thai food. I like a fry up every now and then, and I love chocolate, or should these last two be in the bad habits section?

Bad habits
I read several books simultaneously and on the go, whilst doing other things at the same time, instead of finding time to sit down and relax.

What a carve up!, Three men in a boat and High Fidelity. Lately into any written by William Boyd.

Happy go lucky, Pollock and Control.

I love indie music but I have got a pretty eclectic taste, from classical to rock, oldies and newbies. From Super Furry Animals, Primal Scream and Bloc Party to Chopin, Bach and Dvorak. I also like Blur and Oasis, despite the bipolarity and others like Pulp, Muse or Gossip.


I’d love to see the Northern lights, I would like to write a book one day, learn how to sail and to play an instrument.

A Secret
When I was traveling around Cuba, sometimes I pretended I did not understand Spanish and it was very useful in certain situations… … and got away with it.

The most important

Thing in my life
My family, my parents and my grandmothers; and doing fulfilling things.

Goals of 2013
Keep training and improving my fitness, to be in good shape and reduce my running times in 10 k races. Shed a few kilos exercising. Learn how to drive and try to do at least one thing that makes me happy every day. Enjoy nature, the outdoors and the sea.



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