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Sara Gibbings

Sara Gibbings



Dublin, Ireland, but I’ve lived in London, Mexico City and Madrid. I’ve been in Barcelona for 13 years.

Married to Roger. Also Irish but we met here. A science teacher and the most patient man in the world to put up with my crazy production schedule. I’ve got to beautifully mischievous boys; Adam (2 ½) and Dani (15 months)

Producer, Director and Journalist. Founder of Padi Productions.

Degrees in Political Science and Spanish from University College Dublin Masters in Development Studies form UCD.

The best part Of my job
Meeting interesting people, travelling and seeing great places, learning about a wide variety of topics such as art, gastronomy, politics, law and health.

The worst part Of my job
Being away from my kids when travelling or shoot days runs up to 18 hours long. Running a production company can be pretty stressful but the best thing you can do is surround yourself with a talented team and have faith that hard work is always rewarded.

Being fit means
Feeling good with my body and about my body, being able to do a dance class or yoga class comfortably and not having a sore neck (my kids have killed my back!).

My inspiration
Music, dance, nature.

I’m passionate About
My family. My friends. My work. Positive people with tons of energy. Cooking and good food. Being outdoors. The Ampurdán. Walking around Barcelona. Dancing. Yoga.

I hate
Lies, chaos, unprofessional people, indecision, laziness; most of all when my kids are sick, I hate to see them suffer.

Favourite food
Anything spicy. Give me a Thai Green Curry or a Tandoori Chicken and I’m all yours!

Bad habits
Brushing my teeth while flicking through the tv channels. Addiction to cookery shows like Masterchek and Jamie Oliver. New addiction to The Voice.

To Kill a Mockingbird and In Cold Blood. Movie Thrillers like Mississippi Burning and Goodfellaas. 80s classics like The Breakfast Club. Music I love U2 (I had the privilege of working with them a zillion years ago in Ireland!), Jimi Hendrix, 30 Seconds to Mars. I also love film composers like Craig Armstrong and Harry Gregson-Williams. And Adele and Lisa Gerard are incredible!

I dream of sleeping 12 hours straight, of buying a gorgeous house with a garden for my kids and of publishing the 3 books I’ve (almost) finished.

A Secret
When I was 17 years old I went to prom in a bulletproof car but I can’t tell you why.

The most important Thing in my life
My kids

Goals of 2013
Improve my general health and fitness and lose the 5kg my kids “gave” me. Ensure that Barcelona Fit is a huge success and the brand goes global. To go out more with my husband. I can’t remember the last time we went out for dinner alone.



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