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Sign up and Run

06-08-2013 · Sara Bonjoch

Although everything seems to slow down in this summer heat running races still keep up their pace.

Carrera popularOnce holidays end the new season begins and new resolutions will come with it. The best way to stick to them is having clear objectives in mind all the time.

Signing up to a race now is the best way to keep on training during the summer holidays and forget all excuses to stop. From September onwards, every weekend is packed with races all over the country.

For newbies like me, the process of finding the race’s dates and locations can be a bit daunting. Word of mouth from friends or running buddies becomes one’s best calendar to find out when the next race takes place.

Running has become so popular nowadays that registrations sell out very quickly and it’s best to find out when registrations begin in time. As an example, the 25.000 registrations for the Cursa dels Bombers in Barcelona last April, were sold out in hours, as if it were the most important concert of the year. On the 15th of September, the Cursa de la Mercè takes place in Barcelona; registration opened on the 1st of August and 2000 people signed up for it on that day.

One of the best sites for calendar listings that include races all over Spain is Runedia. Races are organized by area and date and you can clearly see which races are still available for registration.

You can access information for each area and each race by many ways; the best option is to use social media to access the race’s webpage and keep up to date with the latest news and events.

A good running blog for Barcelona is WeRunBarcelona. It’s written by a group of work colleagues that share their passion for running and since last year they’ve been writing about races and tips for running in the city. In Lleida, the Fondistes Cervera blog informs about all the races in the area and they organise training runs in Cervera.

But these are just two tiny examples of the multiple clubs and sports’ blogs all over the country. Another website with calendar listings is corredors.cat, that includes races in Catalunya classified by length, area or type of race. Sports stores are also a good place to go for information because most of them offer the possibility to sign up for races at the shop, and they also organise running clubs and training meet ups.

What is the yellow chip?
championchipA chip is required in order to keep track of race timings. One option is to hire a returnable chip at each race for 2 euros. So far I’ve run about five 10 k races so I decided to go a step further and I bought the “yellow chip” from ChampionChip. My next race, la Cursa de la Mercè, will be my first race wearing the yellow chip and from now on I will always have to wear this same chip; it’s linked to my name and to my results.

Although it’s only a piece of plastic tied to your trainers, I was thrilled to buy it as it means a tighter commitment to keep on running in the future. With this chip I will be able to compare my results and try to beat my marks on each race I do.

Chip AmarilloWhen you start to run I think it’s ok to just hire the chip, but when you are sure that you will be taking running a bit more seriously you can save 2 euros per race and access your racing results in one click. There is also a very complete calendar on the Championship’s website and everyone’s results are there too.

This running boom has created plenty of races for everyone. Theme races, day and night races, women-only races, full moon races or the New Year eve races. Races for those who prefer to run on tarmac in an urban environment, trail running for mountain lovers or even on the sand at the beach. There are also combined races, some harder than others, fun races for all levels (no need to check the timings) and charity runs that have that nice added value to it.

Just run, join in and enjoy!

Sara Bonjoch Llaquet

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