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Sport on the beach

10-09-2013 · Inma García

When summer arrives, everybody heads to the beach.

Some go to the beach to relax; to sunbathe and to lay down on a towel turning over to “bake”, or to read under an umbrella.

However for those of us with itchy feet, the beach means action, exercise and sports. We sit under the umbrella a few minutes just to catch our breath and to rehydrate before carrying on with the action. We spend long days on the beach, whether is hot and the sand burns our feet, or whether it is cloudy (that’s what we prefer). And at the end of the day, we feel rewarded.

Today I’d like to talk about the multiple benefits of exercising on a sand, but before I get started, pack your beach essentials: cap, sunglasses, sun cream, towel and loads of water to avoid dehydration.

Beach Volley

There are plenty of activities to do on the beach for any age: long strolls by the seashore, dipping your feet in the water, practising yoga or other oriental techniques.

For the vainer ones amongst us, remember that sand is a good exfoliant. Your feet will be a lot softer at the end of the summer. It is also very beneficial for the lymphatic system and for your general circulation.

Sporty types already know that the sand works muscle groups to the limit; our muscles need double the effort. We need to fight against the resistance that the sand poses, so we improve our muscle strength. And we work at such intensity that we also improve our aerobic resistance.

Sports like beach volley, beach football, rugby, beach tennis, beach handball or even the traditional beach racket game will push us to the limit while we are having fun.

To prevent and to recover from any injuries, the sand is the perfect ally. On this surface we are constantly working our balance and our distribution of weight because it is an unstable base (therefore the muscle groups involved are constantly readjusting to keep the right posture).

And for those who want to burn calories after the summer excesses, keep in mind that moving on sand increases the levels of calorie consumption because it uses up more energy.

We should forget about turning over like sausages grilling under the sun and start moving and slimming down our bodies using the sand. You’ll get more of a tan than just laying down on a towel and your hearts will be grateful too.

Finally, at the end of the day, you’ll get a deserved reward: a swim in the sea… and some fun at the beach bar.

Inma García
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