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Vilatrail; The Fourth Finish Line and Counting

06-05-2013 · Xavi Mendez

In April I started hill training a lot harder than before because my next race had a lot of cumulative elevation gain and I wanted to increase my pace to go faster.

Last Sunday, 28th of April, the mountain race I did was in Vilassar de Mar. It was a wintry day. We had to run 19km with 1900m cumulative elevation gain.

FOTO_VilatrailDuring the one minute silence in memory of the Boston Marathon victims, my skin tightened more than usual before starting. The silence was broken by people clapping and the race started at 9am sharp. At the same time, it started raining, and it poured and showered intermittently during the entire race.

I started with the leading group but with a conservative pace because I still had 19000m ahead of me.

At 3km the slope was steep and I saw the runners behind me closing the gap but my legs reacted and it was the right moment to walk as fast as possible. However, it was only an impression that they were getting closer because they had the same thought at that moment.

After 56 minutes, at 10km, the same runners were on my heels. Downhill, I widened the gap between us, but they came closer at every ascending slope. It was constant give and take up to 18km, when I got my strength back. It came from my pride, it came from feeling the finish line getting closer; I forgot the pain and my feet wanted to fly.

As well as having these great feelings, I was overtaken by a runner at a better pace; I felt I could catch him and I sprinted to the finish line. Along the last few meters, I saw some of the athletes whom I had lost track of a while ago and that also gave me more stamina to speed up even faster. I know I know … men!

But feeling of flying had taken over my body during the whole descent. We were going down a wide path; the town welcomed us at the bottom, the race meandered its streets and it ended with a beautiful slope, the last one, 30m long, where the race, and my strength, ended.

I’m really happy. Another finish line in the bag for Menudos Corazones, and a good race time of 1:43. Surprisingly I came in 17th position.

This week I am recovering and I’ll resume training in a few days.


This month we confirmed the Andorra Trail in June and we are awaiting the results of the registration raffle for Cavalls del Vent in September.

On the 14th of May we will find out if we’ve been one of the lucky teams to take part in the 100k trail with 13500m cumulative elevation gain. In the meantime, we are sticking to our training schedule and we will run the May race.

This May, I will also take part in the Calella Half Challenge. I want to support a great friend, a great athlete and a great father. He has had the bright idea of doing two half Ironmans in one month to raise funds for Menudos Corazones and Caico. I will talk about him more the near future, so you’ll get to know him a lot better. He’s Arturo Cimarra and you can find out what he’s up to in his blog.


Xavi Méndez

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