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Xavi Gracia

Xavier Gràcia Nuevo



In Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain.

Single and no kids (at least that I know of)

Personal trainer

Degree in Sport and Physical Activities Science (URL) and a Masters in Sports Management and Direction.

Best part Of my job
There are plenty of things I like about my job, but if I have to pick one, it would be that every hour of my working day is different! I also enjoy working with people and the most important part of it all is being able to do sport all the time.

The worst part of my job
My working schedule is constantly changing; therefore it is hard to plan weekly activities. Clients change their training appointments, last minute cancellations and have multiple scheduling preferences. My diary is a Sudoku… but I am very glad to have this problem.

Being fit means
Achieving a mental and physical balance on your everyday live, applying it to hobbies and obligations, getting closer to that feeling called HAPPINESS.

My inspiration
Other athletes, nature and positivity.

I’m passionate About
Sport of course; I also enjoy sharing a beer with my friends and watching football. I like calçotades (typical Catalan gathering to eat grilled spring onions) and getting lost in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere. I also like eating paella in a restaurant on the beach.

I hate
Lies and hypocrisy. People with no ethics, moral or education.

Favourite food
Since I was a child… Macaroni au gratin with Bolognese sauce.

Bad habits
I am getting rid of all my bad habits… getting better… hahaha!

The Secret

Good Will Hunting

I don’t listen to a lot of music but I like any style as long as I hear a song that makes me happy.

I’ve spent so many hours playing it… Pro Evolution Soccer for Play Station.

I dream of owning a house with a garden and a big barbecue in a relaxed town near a big city, and plenty of friends to share it with. A secret A secret, should be kept secret, shouldn’t it? One I can talk about is that, when I was 18, I climbed the front of a six storey building because someone (not me!) had forgotten their keys inside. Insane!

The most important thing in my life
Is to live life the best you can and to feel good about yourself, not doing what other people expect you to do.

Goals of 2013
I’d like to improve my English, train for a sprint triathlon and forall my clients to achieve their goals, even the most difficult ones.



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