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Xavi Méndez

Xavi Méndez


In Barcelona, I live in Terrassa.

Married. I have two kids, Hèctor 6 and Emma 4.

Personal trainer and Chiropractor. I founded xmentrainer in 2008.

Entitled as personal trainer by TripeA-IAC, Orthos. Entitled as a Director and Personal Trainer by the Generalitat de Catalunya. I teach the B.Benjamín Ciryax therapy and I’m a myofascial practitioner and chiropractor.

The best part of my job
Dealing with my clients. When they achieve their goals. Being part of those special moments in their life fulfils me and gives sense to my life.

The worst part
When a client cancels the session just minutes before it was mean to start.

Being fit means
Being able to reach all my goals when competing.

My inspiration
It depends; patience, love, my wife’s common sense, sport, in tough moments when training or competing I think of Killian Jornet .

I’m passionate about
I’m passionate about my family. They taught me how to find the positive side to everything even during hard times. I’m passionate about mountains in all their versions and how surprising human beings can be.

I hate
The word hate in itself. I believe in opportunities and the word hate depresses me.

Favourite food
Lamb in the oven.

Bad habits
I’m addicted to twitter.

More than a book, a writer Alberto Vazquez Figueroa.


I’ve just recently discovered Lenny Kravitz and I’m fascinated my him, but I like music as a whole, I able to listen to Keane then The Rolling Stones and then change to Presuntos Implicados.


I’ll live in the countryside.

A Spanish saying ¿Me guardas un secreto amigo? Mejor me lo guardas, sino te lo digo “My friend, will you keep a secret for me? You better keep it for me if not I’ll tell you the secret.”

The most important Thing in life is
To have a quick and flexible mind to be able to catch and enjoy every second in life.

Goals for 2013
To keep on balancing all aspects in my life, family, work, friends, sport and leisure. To keep on working with my NGO Menudos Corazones.



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